CIM gemiusPrism Tag Setup Guide

This article describes how to set up the CIM gemiusPrism tag in your Tealium iQ Tag Management account.

Tag tips

  • lan
    • language of the page must be in all capitals.
    • Pre-defined values are NL/FR/EN/GE/LU//OTHER
  • key
    • free keyword to describe the content of the site
  • subs
    • subsection of the web site, not official CIM section
  • free
    • free field
    • Example: Use to to add content type
  • Each parameter name and parameter value can be together up to 50 characters long, including the equal sign (=).
  • The total number of characters in parameter names and their values may be up to 200.
  • The vertical bar (|) and the equal sign (=) symbols are not allowed in parameters.
  • The slash (/) character can be used as a separator between levels of the structure and therefore cannot be used in the name of one node of the tree
  • Letters with accent marks (á, ą, â, ă, ä, etc.) are not allowed and must be changed to Latin letters
  • The following characters are not allowed in the values of parameters ’lan’ and ‘key’
    • { } ()" ’ ~ ` ! @ # $ % ^ & * ? ; , : / | =

Tag configuration

Navigate to the Tag Marketplace to add a new tag. Read the Tag Overview article for general instructions on how to add a tag.

When adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Identifier
    • Supplied by CIM gemiusPrism
  • Language
    • The language of the page.
    • Example: NL.
    • You can dynamically override this value via mapping.

Data mappings

Mapping is the process of sending data from a data layer variable to the corresponding destination variable of the vendor tag. For instructions on how to map a variable to a tag destination, see data mappings.

The available categories are:


Variable Description
identifier Account Identifier
lanuage Language
key Keyword
subs Subsection
free Free field
section Section

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This page was last updated: July 10, 2021