Commission Factory (AU) Tag Setup Guide

This article describes how to add and configure the Commission Factory (AU) marketplace tag.


  • The Commission Factory (AU) tag requires the E-Commerce extension.
  • You must add the extension and map the _corder, _csubtotal, _csku, _cprice, _cquan variables to their corresponding data sources.

Tag configuration

Navigate to the Tag Marketplace to add a new tag. Read the Tag Overview article for general instructions on how to add a tag.

When adding the tag, configure the following settings:

  • Tag ID: An integer value provided by Commission Factory.
  • CF-Object Name: The variable used to execute commands. The default is cf.

Load rules

Load the tag on all pages or set conditions for when your tag will load. For more information about load rules, see the Load Rules documentation.

Data mappings

Mappings for this tag are handled automatically by the E-Commerce extension.

Performance (Advanced)

  • The Tealium tag template removes the document.write call and the call to load the Track.js from Commission Factory.
  • This ensures the fastest possible tag load time for your visitors.
  • Removing the document.write call to insert the tracking iframe ensures that your pages will be rendered without errors from document.write.

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This page was last updated: December 21, 2018